TreeVitalize Watersheds Grants

2020 Grant Round Now Open!

Grant Package Submittal Deadline for TreeVitalize 2020 Projects:  November 8, 2019

2020 TreeVitalize Watersheds Website

Grant Application Package: A complete grant application package must be submitted (for “initial” review) to the local Conservation District. The grant application package includes:


1) an Application Completion Checklist, with all required items checked

2) a Project Bid Sheet

3) a brief Project Narrative

4) a Site Location map (in color)

5) a signed Operation, Maintenance and Repair Plan

6) a Landowner Agreement form.  


All forms listed are available from the Treevitalize Watersheds page of the PHS Plant One Million website:



Since 2005, the Montgomery County Conservation District has worked with local organizations to complete riparian reforestation projects through TreeVitalize Watersheds, a partnership to restore tree cover in the five-county region in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  The TreeVitalize Watersheds grant program and the Plant One Million campaign are managed by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society with funding from the PA Department of Environmental Protection’s Growing Greener program, as well as Aqua PA for projects located within its source water protection zones.

Tree Tender classes are offered to educate participants about planting and caring for trees.  All applicants should have Tree Tender or equivalent training.  The classes offer nine hours of classroom and field training covering: tree biology; urban stresses; tree identification; pruning; root care; fundraising; media outreach; volunteer management and working with local governments.  For more information on other TreeVitalize programs, please visit the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society – Tree Vitalize website.


The National Research Council published a tree canopy report for Montgomery County, and we have a lot of work to do!  See how we ranked and read more about the benefits of tree canopy- click here to read the full report.

2017 Projects


Requests for Reimbursement – (Last year’s projects)

To request reimbursement on your approved TreeVitalize project, please submit a hard copy of the following to the Conservation District:

  1. Reimbursement Checklist
  2. Project expense reimbursement form
  3. Project invoice from your organization
  4. Invoices/receipts documenting all expenses and match (including staff time, mileage and services)
  5. Photographs of site before and after planting
  6. Volunteer log form showing date and times worked (Example form)
  7. Stream Releaf data sheet (fill out online and submit print-out)
  8. Updated map denoting planting areas in color

Sources for Native Plants

Please visit the Pennsylvania Native Plant Society’s website for a listing of local suppliers.

Additional Resources


Mission Statement
To protect and improve the quality of life of the residents of Montgomery County and surrounding communities by providing, in cooperation with others, timely and efficient service, education, and technical guidance, for the wise use of our soil, water, and related resources.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday
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