Manure Management

Pennsylvania’s Chapter 91: Manure Management Regulations

Recently revised Pennsylvania environmental regulations require all animal operations, large and small, to have either a Manure Management Plan or a Nutrient Management Plan.


Nutrient Management Plan vs. Manure Management Plan

  • Everyone keeping livestock on their property or uses manure in Pennsylvania is required to have a plan to manage farm nutrients.
  • The animal density of the farm will decide which plan is required.
  • Farms that have over 8 Animal Equivalent Units (AEUs) (1 AEU = 1000lb animal weight) and exceed an animal density of 2 AEUs/acre are required to have a certified Nutrient Management Plan.  Farms under this threshold are required to have a written Manure Management Plan.

Who Can Write A Manure Management Plan?

  • Manure Management Plans do not need to be written by a specialist, and can be written by the farmer.
  • Manure Management Plans do not need to be approved and hold no liability protection.
  • Manure management plans must be kept on the farmstead and be available upon request.
  • Plans should follow the standard Manure Management Plan Workbook format

What do Manure Management Plans include?

  • Section 1 – General operation contact information and details
  • Section 2 – Manure application details (where, when, how much, environmentally sensitive areas, winter application information)
  • Section 3 – Farm maps
  • Section 4 – Record keeping
  • Section 5 – Manure storage/stockpile details
  • Section 6 – Pasture Management
  • Section 7 – Animal Concentration Areas (ACAs) identification and treatment details

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