Rain Gardens and Barrels

Stormwater Runoff PollutionPollution Sheen

The rainwater that runs off our properties and roads carries pollutants to our streams, either directly or through public storm sewer systems.  Some of those pollutants include fertilizer, household chemicals, petroleum products, detergents, heavy metals, road salts, vehicle fluids, litter, and sediment.  Stormwater runoff pollution occurs everywhere there is impervious surface, and it is the greatest challenge to our water resources.


The good news is everybody can be part of the solution by minimizing the pollutants they add to the landscape, and by installing practices to reduce the runoff.  If we all work to minimize our impact on the land, we will have cleaner water for us and wildlife.

Rain Barrelsrainsaver2

Rain barrels collect rainwater from your downspout to use for gardening or other non-potable uses.  Rainwater is better for plants, and it is FREE!

Rain Gardens

A rain garden is a shallow depression with native landscaping used to soak up runoff from a downspout or driveway. The garden provides a ponding area allowing runoff to slowly infiltrate into the ground instead of bbuild-a-rain-garden-01-sseing carried directly to the storm sewer all at once.

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