How to Prevent Pollution

The choices you make are directly connected to clean water in the Delaware River.

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Try these activities to reduce the amount of pollution contributed to the landscape:

  • Reduce household chemical use, and use proper disposal methods.
  • When using pesticides, read and follow directions to protect people, pets and the environment.
  • Use lawn and garden chemicals carefully and sparingly.
  • Keep your mowing height high.  Set the mower blade at 3″ to provide a “taller” lawn that slows run-off, requires less irrigation, and helps minimize weeds.
  • Use yard waste on-site as mulch or compost.  Never dump yard wastes in a stream, or sweep into a storm inlet.  Keep your grass clippings out of the street.
  • Seed bare soil and cover it with mulch to minimize soil erosion.
  • Direct roof downspouts away from driveways and foundations and towards your lawn or planting beds where water can soak into the soil.
  • Check your vehicle for leaks and have any fixed.
  • Properly dispose of, or recycle used motor oil and other automotive products.
  • Wash cars on the lawn, so soapy water can be absorbed instead of running off into storm sewers.
  • Clean-up pet wastes to prevent nutrients and bacteria from washing into waterways.
  • Minimize use of salt for ice melt.  On icy pavements, use sand or chip off the ice where possible.
  • Use native plants in your landscape, they are adaptable to local conditions and require less water and fertilizer than non-native plants.
  • Make sure your septic system is working properly and have it pumped regularly.
  • Do not litter!  Cigarette butts are litter and should be disposed of properly.

For more information on how to protect our water resources, check out the Sourcewater Collaborative interactive website.

Water Conservation and Other Ways to Help the Planet

For information on how to conserve water, check out the Blue Guide for Water Conservation or visit

If you are looking for other conservation information, such as how to reduce your energy use or live more locally, we invite you to check out the iConservePA website.

For proper disposal or recycling information, please visit the County’s website or

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