PCSM Spreadsheet v. 1.7 is now available

An updated version of the PCSM Spreadsheet has been posted to DEP’s website (version 1.7).  This version includes two updates to the way water quality calculations are handled: 1) a more detailed method is provided, as an option, for untreated stormwater, by allowing the user to characterize the land cover within undetained areas, and 2) pollutant loads are no longer calculated for outflows from MRC BMPs, as those flows are considered “managed.”

Use of version 1.7 is not required.  Version 1.6 (or later) is required, although if you are having difficulty meeting water quality requirements on a site, you could try to use version 1.7.

DEP has also recently posted updates to the MRC documents (MRC paper, FAQ, Design Examples, and Design Summary Sheet).  The updates are intended to clarify some issues concerning complex sites, as well as update old references to worksheets that were previously used.  None of the actual design standards were changed.

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