PAG-02 will be reissued as-is for a two-year term on December 8, 2017.  Permit coverage will still be for a five-year term.  The two-year term will give time for DEP and EPA to agree on necessary changes to the permit.  Conservation districts will be able to issue the PAG-02 permit as of today so there will no need to apply for an Individual permit for those projects

If you have already applied for an Individual NPDES Permit that would have otherwise qualified for a General NPDES Permit, please contact the District.  MCCD will be asking applicants during the administrative review process if they wish to keep their Individual NPDES Permit application, or would rather apply for coverage under the General NPDES Permit.  To obtain coverage under the General NPDES Permit, an updated page 1 of the NOI with “General” checked under the permit type will be required.For additional information, click here.

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