DEP has developed a new form to help with Notice of Termination filing requirements

DEP Central Office has developed a new form to help with the filing requirements associated with the Notice of Termination (NOT).  DEP has worked with the Recorder of Deeds Association to come up with a form that meets what they need for filing as well as meeting the regulatory needs of DEP.  Please follow the link to access the new form.

This form should be used by permittees when filing instruments and plans/record drawings with the recorder of deeds offices so that the recorder knows what to do with the instruments and how to file them.  Please note that applicants are instructed to attach certain items to the filing form for filing such as the instrument, record drawings, and other pertinent information.  Permittees should begin to use these forms now.  Please note that these forms  are strictly to ease and standardize the filing process at the Recorder of Deeds level.  The Recorder of Deeds Association will be passing along information to all of their constituents informing them of the form and its use concurrently.

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