Rental Equipment & No-Till Planting

Esch 5505 No-Till Drill

Available for free rental for no-till planting!

5ft 6in no-drill , 5.5″ row spacing: allows for better ground cover, weed control and higher yield

Built in sprayer for spraying down a pasture with glyphosate to renovate and re-establish vegetation

Ideal uses include:

  • Pasture renovation
  • Cover crops
  • Interseeding
  • No-till planting
  • Pollinator & wildlife habitat
  • No-mow/low-mow grass meadows
  • Basin naturalization

To learn more or use this equipment, contact Jessica at 610-489-4506 x14 or


Benefits of No-till planting

No till farming plants crops without disturbing the soil. This provides many benefits including:

  • Reduced soil erosion
  • Improved soil structure and soil moisture
  • Increased organic matter & soil fertility
  • Increased soil microbial activity and biological diversity
  • Increased nutrient cycling and reduced nutrient runoff
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Reduced labor, fuel & irrigation


Interseeding is the practice of no-till planting cover crops in between existing corn rows. Interseeding helps to establish cover crops in areas where cover crop establishment is not as feasible because of a late harvest and short season. It allows the cover crops to become established prior to fall harvest of the main crop, to protect the soil throughout winter. The resulting cover crop stand is better established than a stand planted following harvest of the corn crop in the fall.

Interseeding provides increased soil protection, reduced erosion, improved nutrient cycling and retention, increased soil moisture, wildlife habitat and increased soil organic matter and microbial activity.













Interseeding cover crops in corn














Interseeded cover crop mix, 2 months growth

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