Farmland Preservation

Montgomery County Farmland Preservation Program

As of February 19, 2014, there are 150 farms preserved in Montgomery County under the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program. These farms total 8,831 acres.

The Montgomery County Farmland Preservation Program purchases agricultural easements from productive farms in Montgomery County. When the easement is sold, the owner keeps the land but no longer has the right to build non-agricultural buildings. The land must remain in farming in perpetuity. The farmer may sell the land, but the new owner must continue to grow productive crops or pasture on it. Applying to the program is voluntary.

In Pennsylvania, there are 4,558 preserved farms (486,628 acres total) in 57 participating counties. In Montgomery County, 29 more farms are on the waiting list.

Interested farmers are encouraged to submit an application. Application material is available below and in the Montgomery County Planning Commission office.


Useful Links:

Farmland Preservation Manual

County Farmland Preservation Website

Ag Conservation Easement Sale Application

Application, Evaluation and Selection Information

Mission Statement
To protect and improve the quality of life of the residents of Montgomery County and surrounding communities by providing, in cooperation with others, timely and efficient service, education, and technical guidance, for the wise use of our soil, water, and related resources.

Hours of Operation

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